Color Samples

This page shows some of the colors we are currently using. It’s difficult to represent EXACTLY what a color will look like. When considering what type of device you’re viewing this on and different interpretations of colors. We can only do the best we can to match these colors. If you would like a sample picture of an item we have done recently, please contact us so we can help.

1 – Gold Vien (Super cool medieval “castle” metal look. Black base with gold intertwined)

2 – Copper Vien (Super cool medieval “castle” metal look. Black base with actual copper flake intertwined)

3 – Wrinkle hammer tone black (Great for a rough and tough sign. Good for outdoors. Strong wrinkle medium gloss black finish)

4 – Super Gloss Black (Most popular, goes with everything, looks wet and fresh all the time)

5 – Squirrel Gray – (A light gloss gray)

6 – Steel Gray (Dark gray with a very small bit a silver sparkle to it)

7 – Simulated Chrome (Not actual chrome, but fairly shiny and silvery)

8 – Dark Green (very similar to Hunter green)

9 – Lime Green (Like it says….lime green)

10 – Gloss Green (We use this for Tinker Bell Items)

11 – Clean White (Yep, you guessed it, it’s white)

12 – Beige/Tan (Nice soft coffee color – coffee with cream)

13 – Teal (Actually called Tiffany green)

14 – Bright Yellow (Wonder woman yellow)

15 – Orange (Hard to see in the picture, but this is our Chevy orange)

16 – Lollipop Red (COOLEST red ever, kind of see-through, translucent, bright, might call it a Candy Red)

17 – Maroon (Hard to tell, but this is a light maroon)

18 – Bright Red (Most popular red, works for Cummins, Snap On and other popular reds)

19 – Cheater Blue (COOLEST blue ever. Might call it a candy blue, kind of see-through)

20 – Dark Navy Blue (Nice color for flag and Navy items)

21 – Baby Blue (Good for baby items and all things Mopar)

22 – Gloss Blue (Nice deep solid blue, not too dark, fairly bright)

23 – Purple (The actual color is called Translucent Grape, really cool semi see-through purple, good for Mopar Plum Crazy)

24 – Candy Blue Metallic (Really cool light candy blue with a small amount of glitter to it)

**We have sample items that we can send pictures of on request for most colors **